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Independent:  Needing no assistance and are active, but want assisted living available, if needed.  

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Assisted Living:  For those who are independent but need help with daily living tasks.   

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Nursing:  For temporary or permanent stays.

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Memory Care:  As the population ages, there is more need for facilities that specialize in dementia and Alzheimer's care.

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Combination:  Facilities with more services.  Continuing care and life care communities in this category adjust to your needs as you age.

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We hope this site will help you choose by the services you need in the state of your choice.  After that your first step is to go visit facilities.

The facility will assess and determine if the community meets your needs.

This is the fastest way to get help. Communities can also refer you to any appropriate help and where to find care managers.

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This site gives you support as well as help in finding communities.  

When I discovered my husband had dementia, and I started to search for information on the subject, it was overwhelming.  I found the information to be confusing.

These feelings are normal. The good news is there is lots of help.  You may find this process helpful:

  • Research the information that is available (on the web or associations)
  • Find and Visit communities (on websites or local resources)
  • Go to support groups in your area (most communities have these)
  • Call for help at your local county Office on Aging

I have found that getting support, talking with the experts at facilities who understand and listen can help you catch your breath. We have articles on caregiver support.

Home Care

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This is another category for help.  You may want home care if:

  • You are not ready for a facility
  • You can live alone but need a little help
  • You prefer to stay in your home
  • You cannot afford the costs at facilities

There are facilities or agencies that provide home health aides, homemakers, respite programs or Adult Daycare services.


We have reviews .. review articles can help you get a sense of what an assisted living visit is like

Atria Bayshore entrance hallBreathtaking entrance hall at Atria Bayshore Long Island NY


Latest Photos:

Holiday Retirement Community Dining Room:

Holiday Retirement Community dining room


Sometimes it's hard to know where to start..you may find the articles and the Blog helpful.

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