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Visit these Assisted Living-Southeast States facilities--it is the only way to know if it is right for you. There are assisted care homes with varying characteristics--just as you are unique--so are they. The facility can help you decide the level of assisted living needed.

This fast reference guide has sifted through many pages to bring you the best resources and information.


Assisted living facilities in Maryland provide a home and support services, including meal prep, housecleaning, medication management, personal services and more. Services are intended to promote independence..

Assisted Living Facilities

For Maryland Assisted Living Facilities, go here

For Montgomery County, go here

Assisted Living Resources

Maryland Office of Healthcare

Maryland Guide to Assisted Living Facilities -- Lists more than 300 assisted living facilities with more than ten units.

Maryland Assisted Living Facility Search-Government Site

Largest Assisted Living Companies in Maryland:

Brightview Senior Living - The Shelter Group

Sunrise Senior Living

Erickson Senior Living


Assisted Living Facilities

Virginia facilities listings

For Richmond Virginia go here.

Virginia Assisted Living Resources

Assisted Living Facility-Government Site

Virginia Department of Social Services

Largest Assisted Living Companies:

HH Hunt Senior Living

Sunrise Senior Living

Coordinated Services Management

North Carolina

Assisted Living Facilities

See North Carolina Facilities on our site

In North Carolina assisted living facilities are called adult care homes and are for aged and disabled adults who may need supervision and assistance with personal care needs. People in adult care homes require a place to live, with help and personal care and limited supervision.

From the Government Site: "Multi-unit Assisted Housing with Services" is a second category of "assisted living." Developments of multi-unit assisted housing with services are not required to be licensed; however, they are required to register with the Division of Health Service Regulation.

"Like any independent apartment setting, a multi-unit assisted housing with services tenant commonly signs a lease agreement and pays monthly rent. Multi-unit assisted housing with services may be housing with or without subsidized rent."

Assisted Living Resources

North Carolina Government Site

Government Facility Locator

Affordable housing Info

North Carolina Licensed Facilities Listings on government site

Division of Social Services-County Directory: for questions and assistance--who to call.

Largest Assisted Living Companies:

Sunrise Senior Living

Brookdale Senior Living

South Carolina

In South Carolina assisted living facilities are also called Residential Care Facilities.

Assisted Living Facilities

Greenville and area Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living Resources

South Carolina Dept of Health and Environmental Control for government listings

Largest Assisted Living Companies:

Agape Assisted Living

Assisted Living Concepts

Atria Senior Living

Emeritus Senior Living

Cabading Homes Inc


In Georgia assisted living facilities are called Personal Care Homes. There are over 1700 facilities.

Assisted Living Facilities

For Georgia Assisted Living Facilities, go here

Assisted Living Resources

Report by U.S. govt on states summary

Assisted Living Association of Georgia Member Directory

Affordable (subsidized) Housing HUD

Largest Assisted Living Companies:

The Arbor Company

West Virginia

Assisted Living Facilities

See West Virginia Assisted Living

Assisted Living Resources

West Virginia Healthcare Association

All West Virginia Facilities list


Assisted living communities in Kentucky must be certified each year by the Kentucky Department for Aging and Independent Living. 

Assisted Living Facilities

See Kentucky Assisted Living

Assisted Living Resources

Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Assisted Living Communities list-government site

Largest Assisted Living Companies:

Atria Senior Living

Senior Care Inc.


Assisted Living Facilities

See Tennessee Assisted Living

Assisted Living Resources

Tennessee Healthcare Association

Assisted Living Locator for Consumers

Largest Assisted Living Companies:

Century Park Associates

Brookdale Senior Living

Mountain View Retirement

Independent Healthcare Properties

This is an information only website. We do not give recommendations, advice or opinion. Please investigate all resources and information on Assisted Living-Northeast States carefully. Seek professional advice regarding assisted living.

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