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Hello and Welcome to BestGuide-AssistedLiving.com 

If you are wondering about me, my background and why I have an assisted living website, I hope to answer some questions here.

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About Me and My First Website--all about retirement communities

I have always been fascinated with places, homes, and communities. That is one of the reasons I enjoyed a career as a Realtor for over twenty years.  

As I got closer to retirement age, I started my first website, Bestguide-RetirementCommunities.com about finding active adult retirement communities in the United States.

My Second Website--all about assisted living communities

After four years of writing for my first website, I felt I was neglecting an extremely vital category of retirement communities--assisted living facilities.  So I started this second site  about communities with assisted services.

About Me: An Authoritative Author

I think I can present this information with authority for two reasons: 1) My long career in real estate and property management, and 2) My familiarity with seniors and specifically those with memory issues.

My husband had memory issues.  Originally, he was diagnosed with having Alzheimer's.  Have you heard that the only way to diagnose this terrible disease for sure is after the person's death and through an autopsy.  So after he passed I learned the cause of his death that way.  How shocked I and my family were to learn he had no Alzheimer's at all.  His dementia was caused by tiny strokes in the brain.  He had all the characteristics of Alzheimer's yet he didn't have it.  There are many types of dementias.  

The last 15 years I was a "caregiver."  It wasn't very hard until the last 2 years. In the final year he was bedridden,  I began to get exhausted and was forced to put him into a care facility.  The average time in a care facility is two years.  I know how hard this "journey" can be.   

I have also worked extensively with seniors who had various health issues and learned how much these situations affect them.

Who needs assisted Living?

Assisted living communities are not just for those who have a current need, but for those who believe these communities will give them peace of mind for the future.   

There are many different types of communities:  Some of them are solely assisted living; some combine independent and assisted living; some are for memory only, or combine memory and assisted living, and some are a combination.

Other types are apartments with services such as meals and housekeeping (independent) or life care communities. There are also nursing homes and hospice. Our focus is on finding all of these types of facilities for you. 

A Method--Categorizing Services

I think I can bring real value by categorizing assisted living facilities by their services.

This is the first thing a person needs to know--what services they offer. I try to bring to one a sense of the services offered. I also describe locale and any unique features.  These are important to know.  Communities should also offer excellent amenities--ones that make one feel good about living there.

I have read the website of every community listed here to describe the most significant features and categorize them as accurately as I can.  We do not make recommendations. Be careful in your choice.  If you are interested in a community, visit it often and ask questions before making your selection.

I hope to bring one enjoyment, support, and comfort while browsing.  I have a passion for writing about these communities.  I hope I convey this to you.  

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