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Assisted Living help is here to answer a question you may have, share an experience with others, and anything you wish to share with others.

Your personal information, however, is never shared with others. Assisted Living Helpline usually answers your questions instantly within 24 hours. I am checking my computer mail every day.

As a beginner in researching information, your head is probably spinning about what assisted living is and other questions. We hope our site provides you with the information you need.

Also, this is where you can tell others about your good experiences at assisted living communities.

Ask a question or tell a story and you can get an answer from me usually within 24 hours. Other site visitors can also contribute by leaving comments.

Your information is private and never given to any third parties.

Important:If you have a question, make sure to include plenty of detail. Instead of just asking a general question, try to give as much detail as possible about your question and about yourself.

We do not give recommendations, advice or opinion on communities or anything else. We will, however, provide information.

And thank you for contributing to the Helpline.

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