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This section begins our Senior Books listings. This includes senior housing books, books about longevity, senior living, senior health, and assisted living.

Senior Books

"Change Your Brain, Change Your Body" Amen Clinics by Dr. Amen - foremost specialist on brain health for everyone - test on site. Change Your Brain, Change Your Body

"Longevity Rules - How to Age Well into the Future" We are living longer - our lifespans have increased by thirty years--this book will answer some questions on living longer.Longevity Rules

"When the Time Comes: Families With Aging Parents Share Their Struggles and Solutions" By Author Paula Span. The title says it all. An important subject.

"Take This Book to the Hospital With You" Charles B. Inlander, Ed Weiner - It never occurred to me that there would be a book like this but there is: consumer's guide to the ins and outs of hospital stays.

"Take Your Oxygen First" By Leeza Gibbons whose mother had Alzheimer's - award winning book for caregivers of those with memory diseases - caregivers need support - also look at Leeza's website "Leezas Place" for information and support Leeza's Place Website - the Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation

"100 Simple Things you can do to Prevent Alzheimer's" by Jean Carper, author and CNN Medical Correspondent - after having been diagnosed as genetically at risk for Alzheimers, Jean did research and this book is the result.

"The 36 Hour Day" By Nancy L. Mace and Peter V. Rabins - the classic and very popular book on caring for family members with Alzheimer's and other related diseases and memory loss in older years.

"The Alzheimer's Action Plan" by Director of Education for the Joseph and Kathleen Bryan Alzheimer's Disease Research Center at Duke University Medical Center - for those with early Alzheimer's, this book tells proactive things that can be done by the person early on.

"Finding Meaning With Charles" Janet Edmunson - I couldn't put this book down. It is an inspiring story for anyone who is caring for a person with a devastating disease. Charles' character and leadership abilities positively affected people's lives while he was still healthy and even to his very last days. In this book, his loving wife did not want anyone to forget his remarkable spirit. Her compassionate sharing is written with such detail it shocks but comforts. The intro is one of the most inspiring reads ever and explains the title. Janet's website and sign up for free Weekly Affirmations.

"The Secret Life of the Grown-up Brain: The Surprising Talents of the Middle-Aged Mind" Barbara Strauch, author. Haven't read this yet but will. Science says there are some very positive changes in our brain as we grow older.

"God Has An App For That" Book by Dudley Rutherford - an inspirational book that gives explanations on certain parts of the Bible that help with whatever challenges life delivers. Important reading in this age of technological wonders that don't have all the answers.

“When the Time Comes: Families With Aging Parents Share Their Struggles and Solutions.” By Paula Span - Just as the title says - so important for caregivers to share with other caregivers and receive support. Paula cares for her father who is in a CCRC.

Senior Books: Senior Magazines

"Assisted Living Executive" By Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) Assisted Living Executive magazine

Senior Books: Senior Websites

Leeza's Place Website - the Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation

Alzheimers Reading - Although this is a collection of articles in the news about Alzheimers, I try to be very careful about reading articles on the internet--please use your discretion. But for those who enjoy knowing the latest on the subject, this website will be of interest, but make sure information comes from a credible source and make your own thorough investigations of all information.

HomeInstead.Com Home Instead Senior Care - Website for Finding Assisted Help in the Home - also has some good information on site.

Caregiver Stress.Com (By Home Instead)Wonderful information and I recommend taking the Caregiver Stress Meter to determine how much stress you are feeling as a caregiver.

National Institute on Aging Alzheimer's - NIH government site - Lots of information Official site of the Alzheimer's Association

Alzheimers Weekly Alzheimers Weekly Excellent support site on Alzheimer's and Dementia - lots of information

Medline Plus By U. S. National Library of Medicine and NIH - One of the best health sites I've seen for information on Alzheimers, Dementia, and other diseases of aging - click the tab for Seniors. The Drugs and Supplements information is also interesting.

Studies show a healthy diet, exercise, and social interaction may relate to dementia and Alzheimer's. Here are some nutritional sites:

Fruits and Veggies Website of the Centers for Disease Control - has a calculator for determining how much you should eat each day by age, gender, etc. As we age, we are more concerned with diet and eating right. One of the best vegan websites for making change more enjoyable. View every day.

The above listings for "Senior Books" are for information only. We make no recommendations or give advice. Please make your own thorough investigations of all information here and any third parties referred to.

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